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Tara Shalton

Tara Shalton

Cresskill, NJ


Tara Shalton is a self taught color pencil artist and photographer. Ever since she was a little girl, she liked to draw but never took lessons and never considered art as a career. Tara went to college, got a job, raised a family. She would draw sometimes when she could spare the time, but was mainly occupied by more pressing daily issues. After an especially traumatic event in her life, on the advice of her sister she started to draw again, and by doing so amassed a body of work that everybody loved. All of Tara's work is original, and is created by spending weeks at a time on each piece. Color pencils are the hardest medium to work with, because they are difficult to blend and it takes a tremendous number of strokes to complete a drawing. It takes a lot of patience, a big love for drawing, and sometimes a sprained wrist, but if you ask Tara, it is well worth the effort to see a completed piece. Tara won't tell us which drawings are her favorites. They are her children after all. When we asked her to describe the process of creation she said, "It is so exciting to start a new piece and see it to completion, it is like creating a new life, raising a child and releasing it into the world, you are happy and you are worried as to how it will fare in life." Her growing body of work is considered highly original and has received generous praise.

Currently exhibiting at:

MinaGrey Featured Artist

Sarasvati Gallery - Permanent artist

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